Vision for Global


Ethics Charter

Daeree Precision Co., Ltd., based on ethical and moral values, respects the order of a free and competitive market that pursues fair and transparent management, and intends to establish and practice the new ethics charter in order to create a more trusted and healthy company.

1. Contribution to society
We faithfully comply with various laws, create employment by realizing profits through fair competition and fair trade, and contribute to national development through faithful tax payment.

2. Promotion of rights and interests
We prevent counterfeit parts and provide safe products and best service to realize customer value.

3. Human Respect
We respect each employee and provide fair working conditions and a safe working environment for this purpose.

4. Establishment of partnership with partners
We build partnerships with our partners and trade fairly on an equal footing.

5. Establishment of transparent management
We maintain a fair trade relationship with all stakeholders that guarantees mutual interests under transparent trade conditions.

6. Anti-corruption
We prohibit bribery, such as money, valuables, entertainment, and convenience, from all stakeholders under any pretext.

Report Channel

  • Department name : General affairs team
  • Person in charge : General affairs team leader
  • Email :
  • Tel : 053-608-1111
  • Fax : 053-614-6491