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History of DAEREE
1988.07. Establish Daeree Precision
1992.09. Named an outstanding company promoting domestic parts (Hyundai Motors)
1994.08. Moved the office to current address (Dalsung Gongdan)
1996.12. Achieved 100PPM (Hyundai Motors)
1997.12. H.Q.S 9000 Certified (Hyundai Motors)
1998.03. ISO 9002 Certified (Korea Management Association)
1998.07. Received appreciation award for 10th anniversary
2000.03. Started exporting Caterpillar Product(Lock shaft) (Cannada- Gnutti)
2001.03. QS 9000 Certified (Korea Management Association)
2004.01. Advancement of Enterprise Resource Planning
2004.07. Started exporting DCS(Lock shaft) (U.S.A-GT)
2004.12. Promoting Industrial harmony, Industry Peace Award (Mayor of a Daegu city)
2005.01. Selected as Role model of taxpayer (Director of the National Tax Service)
2005.03. Role model taxayer Award (Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance and Economy)
2006.08. TS-16949 Certified (Korea Foundation for Quality)
2007.11. ISO 14001 Certified ( Korea Foundation for Quality)
2007.12. Award for Export Business with Web Opening (Dalsung District)
2008.05. Example of Small business award (Daegu Bank)
2010.10. Beijing Auto Parts Co. Ltd was established surrogate
2011.01. Corporate research institute(Korea Industrial technology association)
2011.11. Selected Excellent Merit Sector Partners (Hyundai Wia)
2013.09. DCT 7 gears T/M FORK/SHAFT LINE Implementation (years more than 400,000 units)
2013.10. Plaque of appreciation for award of trade (Dalsung District)
2013.11. OHSAS 18001 Certified (Korea Foundation of Quality)
2013.12. An Altitude of collaboration portal system
2014.07. Best Supplier for A/S products (Hyundai Mobis)
2014.08. Unicef fund appreciation award (Korea UNICEF Association)
2014.10. The second plant (Daegu Metropolitan City Dalseong nongongeup nongong 117 road 2)
2014.10. Patent No. 10- 1455120 (warrior fixing jig devices for material processing) acquisitions
2015.05. Implementation of Quality Management System